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Common Questions on IVAs

What criteria must be met to take out an IVA?
You must owe money to at least 3 different creditors and your debt must exceed more than £9,000. However when adding up your debt you need to remember that you cannot add in such as a mortgage, secured loan or hire purchase for a car.
Some of my debt can be written off but how much?
Usually between 55% and 66% of your debt could be written of when you take out an IVA. Some companies might advertise that they could help you to get up to 75% of your debt written off and while it could be possible for them to do so, it is an extremely rare occurrence.
I own my own house; would I have to sell it?
Generally if there is any equity in your home you would be required to release this usually towards the end of the IVA agreement.
Can I apply for an IVA if I have CCJs against me?
Yes you can and in fact an IVA can bring peace of mind as letters and phone calls from your creditors would cease. If you have a CCJ against you and decide to take an IVA then any further action to recover the debt will stop.
Do my creditors have to agree with the IVA?
Usually 75% of your creditors are needed to vote for the IVA for it to go through. If this happens then any that have declined the IVA would be bound to agree to it.
What happens after I take out the IVA?
Once the IVA is underway all you have to do is to keep maintaining the regular monthly instalments you agreed to pay. We will work with you every step of the way and we are here for you if you should need to talk with us about anything regarding our IVA.
How long does it take to begin an IVA?
Generally it would take around 6 to 8 weeks for us to work with you to set up an IVA for you based on your individual circumstances.
What other options do I have if I don't qualify for an IVA?
If an IVA is not a suitable option for your circumstances then we can offer and advise you on different solutions. For instance you could take out a debt management plan and then if you wanted you could then re-apply for an IVA in 1 year.
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